Shandong Zhongbao Metal Products Co., LTD
Time : 2023-02-01

Shandong Zhongbao Metal Products Co., LTD is a has many competitive advantages, such as variety, large inventory, high quality, low priceshort delivery time and good after-sales service A designated supplier for multiple large enterprisesCustomers throughout the country more than 20 provinces and cities, and exported to the United StatesRussia, Britain, Germany, Poland, ndia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Qatar.Saudi Arabia, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela Nerira and other countries and regions in Europe, AmericaSoutheast Asia and the Middle East. All employees of Zhongbao will serve you as always, join hands to participate in the exhibition, win-win cooperation, and integrity-based. The company adheres to the principle of good faith in business philosophypays attention to scientific management, and promotes efficient operation mechanism Promoting apragmatic approach to work: ln technical equipment, product grade, enterprise efficiency, team level and other aspects, the steel in Shandong Province Enterprises in the forefront Shandong Zhongbao Metal Products Co., Ltd. is strong, honest and committed to first-class competitivenessfirst-class per capita labor efficiency, members lndustrial satisfaction of the first-class "science andtechnology, environmental protection, efficiency" modern iron and steel enterprises forward.

The main products are: carbon steel plate, alloy steel plate, wear-resistant steel plate, cold rolled steel plate, carbon steel coil, alloy steel coil, cold rolled steel coil,wear-resistant steel coil etc.

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